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eWork LearNet: a referential model of standards for the acquisition and validation of cross-sectoral eWork competences.

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The eWork LearNet project has been promoted and coordinated by ITURBROK and has been financially supported by the Leonardo da Vinci (2000-2006) European Programme. The project has enabled five European entities specialising in the domain of distance-based activities and eLearning to design and develop, from 2004 through 2006, a referential model for the continuing vocational training offering methods and pathways for the acquisition and acknowledgement of cross-sectoral eWork competences.

One of the objectives of the project was to develop a system to be approved and recognised at European level. For this reason, the elaboration stage of the system involved bringing together the criteria and guidelines from continuing vocational training systems from different countries (those of the partnering entities) and from the European training system. A preliminary survey was done on the vocational training systems of France, Greece, Ireland and Spain (Communities of Basque Country and Navarre, respectively) to assess their situation and evolution prospects, structure, conditioning factors and recognition requirements. The results of the work were presented in the study entitled “Comparative analysis of the various national homologation and certification systems in terms of continuous professional training”.

The reference model consists of several tangible products, the actual results of the work carried out within the eWork LearNet project:

A website was set up on www.eworklearnet.com, accessible in Spanish, English, French and Greek, to disseminate the contents of the project and to report on its state of development. The website also hosts an eLearning platform with multimedia didactic contents and online courses developed. The site grants access to a section containing over 300 URLs with interesting links and information on eWork and related issues.

Four newsletters have been published and distributed during the life of the project, in four languages, as well as a demonstrative version of the training courses available in CD-rom support.

eWork LearNet was also publicly presented to the regional and national administrations and networks of Spanish Telecentres, business associations in Greece and to professional associations and the public administrations of France. An information stand on the project was held at the Leonado da Vinci Product Fair 2006 held in Madrid on 22 November 2006.

For further information please visit www.eworklearnet.com

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