Networks: Our life and work


Our clients are not plain clients: we all belong to a team where we all share our interests, our risks and our successes.
· We collaborate with associate bodies which complement our services.
· We also belong to national and European networks on telework, continuing training, local and rural development and business innovation.
· Our expertise in European networks has resulted in a comprehensive net of partners and contacts all around Europe.

Asociación Española de Teletrabajo (AET)

Red Española de Telecentros Rurales

Telecentro Tierra / Integral (Murcia)

Iniciativas Innovadoras S.L.

Axura S.L.

Lexia Consultores

Telecentro de Gordexola (Bizcaia)

AFPA / Association Nationale pour la Formation Professionnelle des Adultes. (Francia)

Sociedade Portuguesa d'Inovaçao (Portugal)

ASFOR / Associazione per lo Sviluppo della Formazione (Italia)

SWISS Occidental Leonardo (Suiza)

IDEC Ltd. / Industrial Development & Education Centre (Grecia)

Initiative Economic Development (Irlanda del Norte)

Kingston University (Reino Unido)

Northern Ireland Economic Research Centre (Reino Unido)

EWEDO GGMBH (Alemania)

Associaçao Industrial Portuguesa (Portugal)

The Circa Group (Irlanda)

Laois County Entreprise Board (Irlanda)

Consultancy & projects on information technologies