E-bridge2 : Supporting the Mobility of VET Students in Europe

Why eBridge 2 VET Mobility?

According Europe 2020 Strategy, it is fundamental to provide students with the most suitable tools to understand and to live in the future labour market and one of the best ways is by learning on mobility. But reports about mobility during the vocational training coincide that the great challenge is learning a foreign language and intercultural skills. Students and teachers recognize that they don’t participate in exchanges because of lacking language knowledge and cultural problems that would restrain them to understand the labour environment and common situations in the everyday life in a foreign country. The problem of the lack of competences in foreign languages and of intercultural skills of VET students that is faced by E-bridge2 VET Mobility is a common problem in all Europe. European educational policies consider that it is fundamental to provide students with the most suitable tools to understand and to live in the future European labour market.

Main purpose

E-bridge2 VET Mobility Project’s aims are:

• To facilitate to VET students and apprentices the acquisition of European language competences, intercultural skills and international openness with a view to participate in mobility programs.
• To encourage this mobility especially between Spain and Portugal and new members of the EU: Poland, Latvia, Czech Republic, and Turkey, in order to diversify traditional destinations offering a wider possibilities in countries with languages less used and known in Europe.
• To promote less frequented countries with less spoken languages as destinies for this mobility, all with the aim to widen the students’ opportunities to experience a mayor linguistic and cultural diversity and the horizons of international and labour experiences in Europe.

Expected products and results

During 24 months, from October 2012 to September 2014, eBridge 2 VET Mobility is developing and test:

• e-Learning Portuguese, Polish and Latvian, Spanish language courses especially adapted to needs of VET students in mobility and additional linguistic supports;
• Mobile Apps offering “in situ” language support in daily life situations.
• On line didactical and informative resources about cultural issues related with everyday life, culture and the labour environment in Spain, Portugal, Poland, Latvia, Czech Republic, and Turkey.
• A Virtual Community oriented to the intercultural exchange and social learning, allowing the end users being active part in the learning by providing, updating and completing e-learning contents and informative resources.

Their most prominent feature will be the multilingualism and accessibility both on line and by specific applications for mobile devices.

After a pilot exploitation and validation period, they will be placed at the target’s disposal, both, directly and through education centers and education administration.

The partnership

The partnership is integrated by 7 entities from 6 countries:

• ITURBROK (project’s promoter and coordinator) and MESCOMP, 2 companies from Spain and Poland experts on ICT and e-learning;
• SENECA, ALETHEIA and CENTRU EUROPEU DE LINGUAS, 3 Adult Education centers from Latvia, Czech Republic and Portugal specialized in language and culture training and offering services to support mobility of students and cultural exchanges;
• LANBIDE HEZIKETAREN LAGUNAK (LHL), a Spanish association oriented to VET improvement and innovation;
• PROJINAL, a mobility agency from Turkey, also acting as consultant for educational authorities.

Funded by EU Leonardo da Vinci Programme

E-Bridge2 VET Mobility is a Transfer of Innovation Project supported by the Leonardo da Vinci Programme in the framework of Lifelong Learning European Program.

Innovation projects have always been at the core of the Leonardo da Vinci program. They aim to improve the quality of training systems through the development and transfer of innovative policies, contents, methods and procedures within vocational education and training.

Know more in http://www.ebridge2.eu/

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