Centro Compañía
Since 2002 our company is in charge of managing the Centro Compañía of the City Hall of Pamplona, Navarre.
Centro Compañía is a multimedia information and training resources centre open to all women with a primary purpose: the promotion of equal opportunities facilitating the knowledge and standardized use of new technologies as information, learning, communication and participation tools.

At the Centro Compañía we deliver a wide and varied training programme in new technologies, with over 2000 training hours per year and over 600 women participants. The fields covered by the training programme include: first contacts with IT and basic office automation tools, teletraining in programming languages, e-mail and videoconferencing as personal communication tools and advanced web surfing.

We also hold thematic workshops aiming at disseminating Internet?based services and contents, on the grounds that they may be useful and practical for daily personal and professional activities.

The training is primarily intended for women, although the contents, levels and pedagogical approaches are adapted and customized to the circumstances of the different collectives whom we work with: aged women, immigrants, people from less-favoured ethnic origins, unemployed women and people following social and professional integration pathways. The ultimate purpose is to meet the differing concerns and ways of learning.

We also hold events and activities for children (5 year-olds to 16-year olds) and teenagers (either male or female). Our aim is to help them become familiar with new technologies and to provide guidance as to their teaching and leisure possibilities, promoting an adequate and training-oriented use and following an equal-opportunities approach. Other events include workshops for families, where parents/tutors and their children can discover together new technologies and learn to use them appropriately as useful tools for education on equal terms.

We deliver monographic training courses in Gender and Equality issues, primarily aiming at women, young people, parents, as well as training associations and professionals.

Besides, anyone is free to use the equipment at the Centro Compañía, whose doors are open to the general public. There, users shall be willingly assisted by our staff so as to solve whatever difficulty may arise concerning these technologies. Our aim is to help users to get used to new technologies, to consider them as handy and daily tools and to discover their usefulness personally.

At the Centre we also grant access to information services and resources for women on gender and equality issues, as well as many other issues: legal matters, training, employment, coeducation, culture, health and quality of life, conciliation and co?responsibility, sciences and research, environment and sustainable development, social cultural and political participation. We provide guidance to users so that they may locate the necessary resources and use them.

Consultancy & projects on information technologies